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flexible Website Solutions

Existing Websites: Let us take care of your existing website, with once-off or ongoing support and maintenance as required. We also offer training to help you manage your own site to whatever degree you feel comfortable.

New sites: Whether you're after a simple one page website or an extensive content managed site, we have the experience you need. Experience Media will build your site using the Joomla! or WordPress world-leading website frameworks used by millions.  Our solutions include product catalogues, e-commerce, news feeds, blog pages, galleries, secure document handling, online communities and many more. (See the "Features" area below on this page for some of what's available.)


Are you a small business, sports team, community organisation, school, church or association? — Talk to us about a website you'll be proud to present to your customers or members.

A Joomla! or WordPress based website by Experience Media offers an unlimited number of web pages, with in-built, easy editing and file upload using only your web browser. Like this one we did for Eagles Wings ~

responsive showcase ew

The images above show a fully responsive site displayed on various devices that we developed recently for Eagles Wings Australia - ew.org.au

Feature-rich Options

We have experience with all of the following website add-ons.

Store Store
Online shopping

Sell goods or digital downloads via gateways of your choice (e.g. PayPal, EWay).


Newsletters Newsletters
Advanced Mailing.

Website controlled newsletters. Unlimited recipients.


Analytics Analytics
Site usage stats

Google analytics. Newsletter analytics.


Blog Blog
Keep visitors informed

Advanced blogging with social media sharing.


Community Community
Facebook-style pages

Friends, wall, like, photos, groups, comments, etc.


Discussion Discussion
For support, or chat

Traditional discussion forums.


Events Events
Events & ticketing

Ticket sales, maps, booking, seats, etc


Feeds Feeds
Twitter, Facebook, Google

Embed dynamic feeds from external sources.


Maps Maps
Google Maps

Custom styled maps, with zoom, directions, etc


Forms Forms
Enquiry, checklists, etc

Powerful forms, with conditional responses.


Subscriptions Subscriptions
Membership & access

Website member registration, with multi access levels.


Security Security
Private files area

Secure files area, based on groups or individual users.


Galleries Galleries
Slideshows, etc

Photo galleries, with lightboxes, captions, animations.


Catalogues Catalogues
Product presentation

Display products, related items, sell online.


Banners Banners
Earn income!

Banner displays with click tracking.


Media Media
Sound & Video

Media from many sources. Even live video!


Widgets Widgets
Dynamic modules

Huge array of dynamic/static module boxes


Website Security
Website Lockdown

Joomla site protection —firewall, geo-coding and admin tools

Website Security

... and more
And more...

There are 1000s of Joomla extensions to choose from!

... and more

Web Related FAQ

  • Website Costs

    We have prepared a project checklist form to help you work out exactly what you need for your site.

    Please complete our Project Checklist Form

    A small business website could typically cost in the range of $1,000 - $15,000AUD. Expenses that contribute to the up-front project costs include the level of customisation, costs of gathering images, commercial components and software subscriptions and hosting. Development time includes setting up the extensions with the functionality your site requires to achieve your outcomes. Design, content layout and the level of styling integration required by some extensions can also affect the budget.

  • Save $

    A site based on a content management system (cms) such as Joomla! or WordPress allows you to do some of the site updates and maintenance yourself, with minimal web development skills. If you are prepared to enter some of the text, and layout some the images for your pages, you can save many hours of work that is otherwise undertaken by your site developer. We are happy to help you learn the skills to manage your own site. Be mindful that content management systems release regular maintenance and security updates which are recommended. Call or email us today and let's talk about it.
  • Rates

    We charge a general rate of $130AUD per/hr +gst, unless negotiated.

    For projects that require considerable scoping, we may need to charge for providing the estimate which may be subtracted from the project cost if we are awarded the project.

    For media projects, studio hire or custom development, we can arrange daily or weekly rates or provide a project estimate, with a cap.

    All studio bookings include a resident audio engineer.

    Web Development customers are welcome to request a support contract, with a minimum monthly fee equivalent to 2 hours support, and provides you with a minimum of 2 hours support each month. A contract raises the priority level of your support, and includes general site maintenance, and regular backups of your website transferred to Amazon S3 for safe-keeping.

  • Formats

    If you are supplying text for your website, please send a Word Doc file. A PDF can be problematic in extracting text. Please do not embed the images in the Word document, unless using as a guide, but attach them (preferably in a zip) to your email, or via a DropBox.

    If you are supply a logo, please try to provide vector version (e.g. EPS), and/or PNG with a transparent background.

  • Social Media

    Talk to us about how we can help you make an impact in Social networking. We can set up a Facebook page and integrate a design suitable for your business.
  • Website Timelines

    How long does it take to create a website? Obviously, the size of your site and customised requirements will have an impact on the duration of the task.

    You can help minimise development time by:

    • Having a clear picture of what you want.
    • Supplying a structured list of pages, along with the text of each page, if possible. (If not, we can assist you in developing your site content.)
    • Supplying the images & photos where possible. (If not, we can assist in finding royalty free images, or with photography where needed.)
    • Setting deadlines will assist us to prioritising your project.
    • Responding quickly to communications and reviews.

    The development time of a typical small business website will probably be several weeks, taking into account the time from the initial "go ahead" to collecting the site content, to organising or choosing the layout and design, setting up the framework and site components and forms, implementing the content in articles and modules, installing the site on the hosting server, optimisation, SEO implementation, and finally, testing the site on multiple devices. Larger sites will typically take 2-3 months to complete.

  • Twitter

    We can help set you up with your own Twitter account and create the links to all your social networking sites. For us, there isn't much time left in a day for tweeting! (However, if you'd like to follow our twitter feed, see https://twitter.com/expmedia1).
  • Feeds

    Like to embed a feed from your social media, including Facebook, or news site, into your webpage? Perhaps feed the results of a particular Google search? Simply provide us with the source url or the google search filter.
  • Joomla!

    Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS) for creating websites. Because of it's ease-of-use and extensibility, it has become one of the most popular website systems available. The Joomla! system itself is an open source solution freely available to everyone. In conjunction with the Joomla system, customised templates are used to take care of the layout and style of the site.
  • WordPress

    WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) and has become one of the most popular website systems available. WordPress offers ease of use and smart looking templates that can be customised to suit your needs.

Website Hosting

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