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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a term relating to how well a website ranks in the results on search sites such as Google and has become a major consideration in website development. For some web sites, how well they rank on the Google search engine can make or break their online business.  Experience Media builds SEO into every site we make to help you maximise the potential of your site.

We keep important SEO techniques in mind when developing a website.

What SEO can be used on my website pages to enhance their ratings?

Let's use this current page as an example.  Consider that our use of the terms SEO, Google, web sites, in this page will help our overall ranking of a search for "joomla web developer brisbane".  Having some of those terms in bold will give those words even more points in the way this page is analysed and indexed by a search engine.

SEO is the art of improving Google search rankings for your site.


SEO techniques we use include:
  • "SEF" (Search Engine Friendly) page names (urls), 
  • good use of metatag titles, 
  • well formed page XHMTL structures to indicate important headings, 
  • inclusion of metatag descriptions, 
  • good use of "alt" and 'title" attributes on images and links, 
  • external link exposure to other sites, 
  • keyword tags, and 
  • using well-made page structures. 

Implementing these SEO techniques is a great starting point for increasing your ranking on Google.  If you want to fine tune your site even more, there are other options and services.

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